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Giving Amanae treatments helps clarify issues and move energy for both the practitioner and the receiver. The energy around the work is powerful, and the trainings can help to integrate the energy and teach the practitioner how to work within it.


Since its’ inception in 1987 Amanae Training has spread around the world with schools taking place in the USA, Brasil, Guatemala, Europe and Isreal and workshops being delivered worldwide.

The Amanae Training program will give students confident command of the Amanae technique as well as many tools to help clients heal the woulnds  held deep in the body. But the training program is also much more than this. It is truly a journey of discovery and healing. Before we can hold the space for others to heal, we must commit to the serious practice of healing ourselves. 


There are currently Amanae Trainings being held in:





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The intention of the training is to help the student enter into a deep connection with Self, and to transform shadows, blocks, traumas, and negative thinking into light and spirit-guided action. This is not only a wonderful personal goal in itself, it is absolutely necessary to clear as much of the blocks in our own bodies in order to effectively work with clients, to hold the space neutrally for the client to face themselves.

To support this process, all training modules resemble Amanae workshops, with plenty of work on the tables. There are 2 cycles of 5 modules. Each module is 4 days plus an evening review with approximately 2 months between modules to give time to absorb the learning and practice the
techniques learnt. Students stay connected between modules with meditations, calls and online support.

The school has been running since 2008. Students from all over the world have attended, some to learn the technique to offer to others and some purely for their own personal development.

The school, based in Belgium, is lead by Eric Lipin with modules delivered by Eric and other highly experienced practitioners and teachers.


Begins: January 2024



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The core of this program is the teaching of the Amanae healing bodywork technique. Together with it, and just as important, we will be exploring all the other pillars that hold this work and make this sacred multidimensional modality the unique and powerful lifestyle and therapy process it is.

In order to achieve this goal, you will be asked to show-up not just as a student who came to learn and understand the nuts and bolts of Amanae, but first and foremost as a human who has come to do his/her profound self-exploration and self-healing work. You will be asked to delve into the deepest both darkest, lightest and most illuminated chambers of your body and soul, so you can rediscover yourself anew. You will also be asked to explore uncharted territory and paths within you that are similar in nature to those you will later be asking clients to journey through. Going into these spaces within you, will enable you to hold space and will give you the tools required to guide clients as they will be delving, exploring and “clutter clearing” within themselves.

In this six-month program, you will fully immerse yourself into the teaching, learning and being of Amanae and just as important enjoying the process and the practice, having some fun while doing it all.

We will hold two full days of teaching each week and one extra afternoon of teaching every other week, for a total of about 60 full teaching days and 12 half-day teaching. You will also be required to exchange at least one Amanae session with one of your fellow students every week. After about two months into the program as part of your training, you will begin to offer Practicum Amanae sessions with others outside the school circle.

The program is lead by David Elron.

Begins: 2023/4



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The School of Amanae, Brazil is not just a program for learning a technique, it is a path of personal healing and incorporation of our sacred gifts. It is the way of the warrior. We will dive deep into the universe of our bodies and travel the vast landscape of our hearts.

We will learn to channel the light and also to make friends with the creatures hidden in our shadows. It is from this place that we will learn to sustain the space for our customers. Our ability as Amanae therapists is measured by the depth of our commitment to healing ourselves. Only when we can navigate the deepest spaces within ourselves, can hold space for our clients to enter their own depths.

This path does not lead us to transcend the human condition. On the contrary, it is a complete embrace of all that it means to be human, what it means to be alive in this body, on this earth.

The next Brazil Training will take place in São Paulo, in eight 5-day modules, over the course of 10 months.  

Begins: August, 2023


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