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Amanae workshops are an opportunity to experience amanae more deeply, in a group setting. Workshops allow you to receive the work on your body and benefit from the collective experience in the group.


Some workshops also include an element of teaching you the technique to use with others.

The 'Opening of the Heart' Workshop

Opening the heart is the first and most important part of any amanae session. It is a technique that is complete by itself, and can be integrated into an existing therapeutic practice. 


Taught over three-five days (depending on the teacher), this class gives you the opportunity to learn to apply the heart opening technique along with other tools to help integrate the work and hold a clear 'space’.

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Intensive (5-day) Workshop

Co-led by a team of Practitioners, this workshop is 5-6 full days and held in a residential setting (attendees stay on site during the workshop). All the main doorways in the body are opened in this life-changing workshop. As the energy and consciousness rises in the room, old blocks hidden for years and lifetimes in our bodies start to vibrate, and shake loose. During this time a process of ego breakdown begins, and participants experience aspects of self they may have buried, denied, or never knew existed.  


One, Two and Three-Day Workshops

Shorter, more focused workshops are an excellent way to experience the work in a group setting, benefitting from the personal and collective experience.  Practitioners can choose to focus on an area of the body, e.g. the spine, or a theme, e.g. exploring the inner child, accessing your power, finding your voice. Some workshops are delivered along with other techniques such as frequencies of brilliance, crystal work, sound healing and movement practices.


Explore the links listed here for specific information on Amanae workshops and event​s near you:


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This contact form is for general or press enquiries about amanae if you are unable to find the answer in these pages.


Practitioners / Teachers should be contacted directly (here) to discuss making individual appointments, joining workshops or attending trainings.


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